A2471: looking at bursts from  dwarfs


Analyzing the data
Debugging changes in stokes I


    A2471 used the mock spectrometers to monitor bursts from  dwarfs.The emission should be 100 % circularly polarized. The data taking setup was:
    The data processing was:
     Plotting the data:
    Plots were made for each source on each day.
Processing the pulsar data:
I'm using positive and negative burst rather the left and right circular. We need to use the helix in the bowl  to see which one comes out where in the data processing.


30nov10 (AST)
01dec10 (AST)
          processing: a2471/jan10/doit101201_flareI.pro

02dec10 (AST)
03dec10 (AST)
04dec10 (AST)
05dec10 (AST)

06dec10 (AST)

07dec10 (AST)

17dec10 (AST)
18dec10 (AST)
20dec10 (AST)
02jan11 (AST)
03jan11 (AST)
11jan11 (AST)
20jan11 (AST)
07feb11 (AST)
08feb11 (AST)
15mar11 (AST)
16mar11 (AST)

date (AST start)
IQUV total power data for sources
110718 51Peg (.ps) (.pdf)
J1841086 (.ps) (.pdf)
J21011544 (.ps) (.pdf)
110719 51Peg (.ps) (.pdf)
HD178911B (.ps) (.pdf)
J1841086 (.ps) (.pdf)
J21011544 (.ps) (.pdf)
110906 51Peg (.ps) (.pdf)
HD189733 (.ps) (.pdf)
HD209458 (.ps) (.pdf)
111010 J01514155 (.ps) (.pdf)
J03454316 (.ps) (.pdf)
111020 J0326137 (.ps) (.pdf)
J03454316 (.ps) (.pdf)
111021 J03284265 (.ps) (.pdf)
J03454316 (.ps) (.pdf)
111022 J0326137 (.ps) (.pdf)
J03454316 (.ps) (.pdf)
111027 J0039191 (.ps) (.pdf)
J01514155 (.ps) (.pdf)
J03284265 (.ps) (.pdf)
111105 J0036159 (.ps) (.pdf)
111119 J02074284 (.ps) (.pdf)
J0326137 (.ps) (.pdf)
J07003664 (.ps) (.pdf)
J07271824 (.ps) (.pdf)
120207 J07464256 (.ps) (.pdf)
J09373487 (.ps) (.pdf)
J11463449 (.ps) (.pdf)
J14243909 (.ps) (.pdf)
120209 J07003664 (.ps) (.pdf)
J08251958 (.ps) (.pdf)
J0850359 (.ps) (.pdf)
J09121469 (.ps) (.pdf)
120306 J07464256 (.ps) (.pdf)
120309 J16241436 (.ps) (.pdf)
J16322911 (.ps) (.pdf)
120310 J1711457 (.ps) (.pdf)
TVLM-513 (.ps) (.pdf)
120311 J1711457 (.ps) (.pdf)
TVLM-513 (.ps) (.pdf)
120329 J16322911 (.ps) (.pdf)
TVLM-513 (.ps) (.pdf)
120330 J1711457 (.ps) (.pdf)
TVLM-513 (.ps) (.pdf)
120331 J16322911 (.ps) (.pdf)
TVLM-513 (.ps) (.pdf)
120405 J07464256 (.ps) (.pdf)
120406 J07464256 (.ps) (.pdf)
120407 J07464256 (.ps) (.pdf)
120429 J07464256 (.ps) (.pdf)

processing: usr/a2471/jan10/doitall.pro

Debugging total power variation. (top)

    Some days, stokes I has shown variations in all 7 bands. To examine this, the data for J1711457 from 15mar11 and 16mar11 was examined:
Total power for J1711457 from 15-16mar11 (.ps) (.pdf)
To do:
    track blank sky using the winking cal. This will tell whether the changes are from Gain or Noise.

processing: usr/a2471/jan10/debug_15_16mar11.pro