430 dome gain vs frequency


Links to plots:
30jan05 data (.ps) (.pdf) :
15jul06 data (.ps) (.pdf) (before new turnstile)
22jul06 data (.ps) (.pdf) (After new turnstile)
Comparing jan05,jul06 Gains, beamwidths(.ps) (.pdf)

    The standard heiles calibration scans  do 4 strips across a source while the data is sampled with the correlator  at a 1 hz rate. The spectra are normalized by the off source spectra and then converted to kelvins using the cal. Fits are then  done to the stokes parameters (I,Q,U, and V).

    Project T2212 wants to know the gain as a function of frequency (and probably angle from beam center) over a 20 Mhz bandwidth to compute the back scatter gain. The normal calibration scan processing fits 2d gaussians to the the total power (25 Mhz). This was modified to include fits by individual frequency channels.

The setup and data taking:


    The  processing for each pattern was:

The fit results:

30jan05 (.ps) (.pdf) : This data was taken after the cavity filters were installed in front of the dewar to get rid of the tv station harmonics. There were 11 patterns on B0134+329 and 18 patterns on B0340+048. 15jul06 (.ps) (.pdf) : This data was taken before the new turnstile was installed.  There were 19 patterns on B0134+329 and 14 patterns on B0340+048. The data looks pretty much the same as the jan05 data.

22jul06 (.ps) (.pdf) : This data was taken after the new turnstile was installed. It had not yet had its final tuning.  There were 19 patterns on B0134+329 and 17 patterns on B0340+048. The data also looks the same as the previous data.

Comparing jan05,jul06 (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/x102/newcal/pro/herbc/doit.pro
                 : x101/430/herbc/doitxxxx.pro