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idl routines for AO satellite prediction.

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MOU  with gps.. info (from dan mertely)

General info (from wikipedia)
  • 6 planes of 4 satellites each.. as of mar 2008  31 satellites in a non uniform arrangement ??
  • planes inclined 55 degrees to earths equator
  • planes separated by 60 degrees in ra on their ascending nodes.
  • The planes are centered on the earth but fixed with the stars (sidereal) so each ascending node has a fixed ra.
  • satellites at 20200 km altitude
  • L1 (1575.42): nav msg, coarse-acquisition (C/A) and encrypted P(Y), L1C on blk III satellites
  • L2 (1227.60) P(Y) plus L2C on blkIIR-M and newer satellites
  • L3 (1381.05) Nuclear detection
  • L4 (1379.913) being studied for additional ionospheric correction
  • L5 (1176.45 +/- 12.5) blk F launch 2009?
  • S2 (2228.524  BW:.35Mhz null to Null. LHCP . downlink new satellites:
wikipedia gps signals

Processing: x101/070206/

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