Sband transmiter

Logfile plots:
How it works
    LRO power meter vs "ant" power
Cumming generator usage during sband runs.
patricks setup  cabling notes (.pdf)

How it works




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Keep Alive. (top)

    The keep alive signal (watch dog timer)  is used to guarantee that the pc 723 program is still running. The  pc toggles a bit in it's interrupt routine  (18 hz). This gets sent to the HVPS and to the dome. This 10 pps signal goes into a retriggerable one shot that  has a time constant gt than 100 ms. The ok state for the flipflop output is 0 (set by reset). As long as it gets retriggered every 100 ms, the one shot will remain with a 0 output. If the oneshot output drops, then the following edge of the D input will cause a 1 on the output (not ok). This will shut down things. The keepalive report from the logic chips that use the keep alive are sent back down via the tti digital inputs.

Magnets don't  turn on: (top)

    Normally this is called from standby after the cooling has started and the filament has been started (filContPrf_20_10 true).

Body current  (top)

    The body current signal is generated up in the dome.

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