Measuring the Sband transmitter power


nov11: dana's  schematic showing the changes  for the lro power meter monitoring of the rf power (,pdf)

The continental power measurement
The lro power measurement

18nov11: continental antenna power vs lro power
xxxxx: continental power reading recalibrated somewhere in here.
31jul12:  continental antenna power vs lro power
07aug12: plot the old  and new  voltage to power lookup tables. Over plot the lro power.


    The transmitter "Antenna forward Power" is measured  via  a directional coupler in the output waveguide. The continental system provides measurement hardware. We have also installed on HP power meter (called the LRO power meter since the lro experiment donated it) that take its signal off of the 2nd port of the coupler.

The continental power measurement.

The lro power meter.


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