Sband logfiles

Creating the logfiles
Generating the plots from the logfiles
Date ranges for logfiles copied to linux.
The logfile plots

Creating the  logfiles: (top)

    The sband logfiles are written by the 723 control  program (running dos on a pc). The sequence to write the files is:

Generating  plots from the logfiles:  (top)

Check date range in logfiles

    The 723.LOG zipped files are copied to /share/megs/phil/x101/sband/logdata and then unzipped and renamed to yymmdd.logs. The idl routine (/share/megs/phil/x101/sband/) will scan these files and output the date range in each file.
The current list of sband logfiles copied to linux (.txt)

processing: x101/sband/

Logfile plots:  (top)

meter plots
(.pdf) (.pdf)

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