lightning breaks td 12 encoder board


       A lightning strike at 18:06 blew out td 12 encoder interface board as well as loadcell 2 (not sure if it is the load cell or the amp). The velocity feedback of the DtoA output also went bad at the lightning strike.  The tiedowns had been disabled prior to the lightning strike. Around 22:30 the tiedowns were re-enabled. td 12 encoder was reading 24 inches so the td control tried to release tension on td 12. The moved td12 all the way up. The distomat monitoring saw the platform rise to td 4 and 8 were pulled all the way down to 22 inches. This gave the maximum tilt to the platform.
 The plots show the failure


    1. PosTd line: If any of the tiedown positions read 24  or 0 inches, the tiedowns should not be re enabled.
    2. TdTime line: The tiedown time for each of the tiedowns should be incrementing and be close (within 1 second) of the correct time. If a tiedown's time is wrong, that probably means that the tiedown communications is broken, or that the td little star computer is having trouble.

processing: x101/080608/

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