tiedown 8 stops moving


    On 07apr08 at 21:30 tiedown 8 stopped moving. A 430 dual beam transmitter experiment was running. The telescope position was:

It remained motionless until we stop, restarted it at around 11 am on 08apr08.

The plots show the tiedown motions during td8 failure (.ps) (.pdf). The plots on each page show:
  1. Tiedown position in inches vs hour of day. 0 inches is fully extended (up), 24 inches is pulled all the way down.
  2. Velocity feedback. This is a read back of the DtoA voltage that is sent to the motor amplifier. The Purple line is the requested value for td8.
  3. Amplifier speed vs hour is read from the motor amplifier.
  4. Drive status: 0 off, 2 powered on , 1 enabled (ready to move or moving), 3 failure
  5. The motor drive current read back from the motor amplifier.

Motor torque offsets:

    The plots above show a jump in the motor torque readback values. I looked at 02apr08 (when the transmitter was off) to see if there were any dc offsets/level jumps.
    Tiedown motor torque data for 02apr08 (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/080408/chktd.pro

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