Check the pointing after the nov05 azimuth encoder failure


    The azimuth encoder failed on 14nov05. It was reset using the index. A source was tracked after the fix and the azimuth error had an offset of a few arcseconds. With a single source it is difficult to separate out a model/source offset from an offset in the current position of the encoder.
    The pointing/calibration  data from 20nov05 through feb06 was used to check the azimuth encoder offset. Only feeds above 1 Ghz were used (lband and above).

    The plots show the pointing errors for the calibration data taken nov05-feb06 (.ps) (.pdf):

The  pointing errors are:
Axis mean offset [Asecs] rms  [Asecs]
Za -.05 5.7
Az  .83 7.3


 processing: x101/050124/