Power levels in galfa pixel 2b changing

    On 13jul05 project a2004 saw the power level in pixel 2b changing in the data from the galfa spectrometer. Data was simultaneously being taken with the wapp spectrometers. The wapps showed no jumping in pixel 2b.
    The plots show the total power variation with  time (.ps) (.pdf) . This data was taken with the galfa spectrometer. There are 7 600 second integrations shown (one per page).     You can see jumps or drifts in just pixel2b on just about every page. The largest change is about 25% of Tsys.

When galfa pixel 2b drifted/jumped, the wapp pixel 2b did not change. The plots shows the wapp data when galfa pixel 2b drifted  (.pdf) :


processing: usr/a2004/13jul05_2b_drift.pro