cross scans with the 430 MHz yagi


the 29may06 system performance (.ps)  (.pdf):
compare   the system performance of feb06 and may06 (.ps)  (.pdf)


    The 430 Mhz yagi antenna was taken down and checked in the lab in may06. A cold solder joint was found in a capacitor that coupled one of the driven elements of the yagi to the output cable. The cal value was remeasured and found to be 124 K (rather than the previously measured value of 42K).
    The system was recalibrated on 29may06  using 3C286 (24.3Jy at 430Mhz). 24 cross scans were done on the 430 yagi and 4 cross scans on the linefeed. The previous calibration (before the capacitor was fixed) can be found at  12feb06 calibration. The setup was:

The 29may06 data  (top)

    The plots show the 29may06 system performance (.ps)  (.pdf):

Comparing the 12feb06 and 29may06 data   (top)

    The 12feb06 was recomputed using the 29may06 cal values. The plots compare   the system performance of feb06 and may06 (.ps)  (.pdf) . The black * are 29may06 and the red * are 12feb06.

Conclusions:  (top)

processing: x101/060529/