cross scans with 430 MHz yagi


Note: 29may06 updated results with corrected  cal value: 124.9 K instead of 42.1 K

    The 430 Mhz yagi was lowered on 23dec05 by .41 m to put the feed 3 meters below the paraxial surface. The system was recalibrated on 12feb06 using 3C48 (37.5 Jy at 430Mhz). 10 cross scans were done on the 430 yagi and two cross cans on the linefeed. The previous calibration (before the move) can be found at 06nov05 calibration. The setup was:

The plots show the  system performance (.ps)  (.pdf):


    Note that the gain, tsys, sefd are at za=15 while the nov05 data were at za=13. The ratio of sefd went from 40 to 30 so the move improved the yagi G/T by about 1 db.
yagi linefeed
Tsys(za=15) 490 100
gain(za=15) 1.8 K/Jy 10.5 K/Jy
sefd(za=15) 3C48 270 Jy 9 Jy
beam width 18 Amin 9.5 Amin
az pnt err (avg)
zapnt err (avg)
1.0 amin
-.7 amin
-.25 Amin
-.1  Amin
az pnt offset used:
ch pnt offset used
 0.4833 deg
az pnt offset measured
za pnt offset measured
0.500 deg
   processing: x101/060212/