A2130 (galfacts) adc,pfb overflows



    The galfacts project (a2130) takes data using the mock spectrometers. The mock spectrometer keeps track of overflows that occur in the processing of the spectra (in the fpga's). The overflows can be:
The error count is stored as a log(base2) of the number of overflows:
The galfacts users reported a large number of overflows for the run 06-07jun11. To follow this up the following processing  was done for (06jun11,21-25jun11):
The plots show the number of error cnts vs za by day (.ps) (.pdf):
Images of the 1325 MHz band from the hilltop monitor was made for 01jun11 thru 26jun11 (.pdf)


processing: usr/a2130/chkovrflow/ doa2130day.sc, doa2130day.pro, makeimg1325.pro