A1731 430 Mhz mapping near coma cluster

jun03 , 2003


Tsys for polA,polB changing in 2003,2004
10jan05: Looking at Tsys and maps during various steps of the processing.
Looking at the processed data map, beam map, and uv data.


   A1731 is generating 8.1 degree square total power maps at 430 Mhz using the gregorian.
    Data was taken in 2003 and 2004:
date mapname ra range dec range
2003 cacb (combined) 13:10 to 12:45 23:30 to 29:15
ca 13:15 to 12:56 23:30 to 29:15
cb 12:58 to 12:40 23:24 to 29:23
2004 cacb (combined) 13:10 to 12:45 29:03 to 31:30
ca 13:16 to 12:56  29:03 to 31:38
cb 12:58 to 12:38 29:03 to 31:38

processing: usr/a1731/...

Tsys for polA,polB changing in 2003,2004

    Looking at the tsys data taken during 2003,2004 the difference Tsysa-TsysB was changing. for more info see:
11jan05: plotting Tsys from the daily measurements for the years 2003,2004

10jan05: Plotting Tsys vs az/za, ra/dec at various steps in the processing (using mapping cals)

    Tsys was plotted versus az,za and ra,dec for various steps in the processing of the maps. Color is used to identify the polarization and map source (map CA or CB).  The colors used are: