Jumps in hi res data 27mar13


27mar13 spectral channel jumps (top)

    p2787 (Joanna) had trouble with one of her scans on 27mar13. The scan had a large number of pfb overflows.
The problem was:
The first figure over plots the spectra from the first 3 rows of the file (.pdf):
The dynamic spectra show freq vs time for the first 3 rows (polB) (.gif):
processing: x101/130327/p2787_Joanna_pfb.pro

28mar13: running the diagnostics:

    The rdComp diagnostic was run on 28mar13 (see test results) . This test:

Any  jumps in the data in one fpga will get flagged as errors. Normally we see the difference as a single bit flipping.
Test results:

processing: x101/130328/mockdiag.pro

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