test 16 bit sampling full stokes (Galfacts setup)


Spectral averages (1, 12 seconds and rms by channel)
Saturation in beam1 when 1290 radar points at us.


       On 17jun08 full stokes data was taken with the Galfacts setup to test the system. The setup was:

Spectral averages (1 and 12 seconds) and rms by channel for 7 beams:

12 seconds of noise by Beam
beam0 beam1 beam2 beam3 beam4 beam5 beam6
  Three pages of plots were made for each beam:

Saturation in Beam 1 when 1290 radar points at Ao.

    The beam1 plots above showed that polB had lots of spectral artifacts during the 3rd second of data. I used about  .6 seconds of 1 millisecond spectra about this occurence to take a closer look.


processing: x101/080617/chkclip.pro, chksat.pro

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