Computing LST Rise and Set Times at AO

Computing LST Rise and Set Times at AO

If you are at AO, you can also use the trackingtime program.

Single Source

Source Name:
RA (J2000):   hh  mm  ss.s
Dec (J2000):   dd  mm  ss.s

- OR -

List of Sources

Each line should have, Source name, RA (hhmmss.s), Dec (ddmmss.s)
where the fields(columns) could be separated by a , or white space or tab
Enter the List
(Use the List from a file)  
Uploaded Filename:

Other available options

Options Exclude rise times
Exclude transit times
Exclude set times
Maximum Za :  (Given value
overrides default 19.69))

This tool computes the LST rise, transit and set times at  Arecibo for a source using the program srcTimes (written by Phil Perillat)

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