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  The readily available observing procedures, and those we strongly encourage observers to use, are the procedures available with the observing gui. It should be noted that it is, of course, possible to run procedures not covered by the gui. If you choose to do this, though, you should be aware of two things. First - you MUST inform your Friend of the Telescope (FoT) well in advance, so he or she has the opportunity to make sure you will be able to observe in the manner you wish. Second - you MUST be aware that since you are observing using a non-standard procedure, the software may not exist to aid you in your data reduction, and the overworked computer department at Arecibo is under no obligation to write software for you. You will therefore have to pick your favorite data reduction package (one which supports one of the many formats in which Arecibo data can be written - see the information available at http://www.naic.edu/astro/misc for more on this), and write your own data reduction routines.

The procedures available on the gui (as of May 01) are: