Fifth NAIC/NRAO Single-Dish Summer School

Arecibo Observatory
July 12 – 18, 2009

Participants & Room Allocation

IMPORTANT: If you have been allocated a room in a hotel, please contact the hotel directly to make reservations before May 15, 2009.

Hotel Rosa del Mar – telephone 787-262-1515

Hotel El Buen Cafe – telephone 787-898-1000

Room Legend:

N# => North VSQ at the Observatory, Room # Rosa del Mar - S#  => Hotel Rosa del Mar in Hatillo, Single-room, #
El Buen Cafe - S# => Hotel El Buen Cafe in Hatillo, Single-room, # Rosa del Mar - D# => Hotel Rosa del Mar in Hatillo, Double-room, #
El Buen Cafe - D# => Hotel El Buen Cafe in Hatillo, Double-room, #

Student Participants:

Name Badge Selected Room Institution
Angles-Alcazar, Daniel Daniel Angles-Alcazar Yes N2 Department of Physics, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
Arvidsson, Kim Kim Arvidsson Yes El Buen Café - S1 Iowa State University
Begum, Ayesha Ayesha Begum Yes N3 University of Wisconsin
Bloss, Martin Marty Bloss Yes Rosa del Mar - S1 NRAO Green Bank
Burkhart, Blakesley Blakesley Burkhart Yes N3 University of Wisconsin Madison
Cotten, David David Yes N2 University of Georgia
DeCesar, Megan Megan DeCesar Yes El Buen Café - D4 University of Maryland
Ding, Chen Chen Ding Yes N2 National Time Service Center, China
Farnsworth, Damon Damon Farnsworth Yes N4 University Of Minnesota
Fernandez, Ximena Ximena Fernandez Yes N3 Columbia University
Finn, Susanna Susanna Finn Yes El Buen Café - S2 Boston University
Force, Megan Megan Force Yes N5 University of Vermont
Ford, Amanda Amanda Ford Yes El Buen Café - D1 University of Arizona
Gendre, Melanie Melanie Gendre Yes N5 University of British Columbia
Hodge, Jacqueline Jacqueline Hodge Yes N5 UC Davis
Jackson, Megan Megan Jackson Yes El Buen Café - S3 Lowell Observatory/Georgia State University
Korngut, Phil Phil Korngut Yes N4 UPENN
Kubik, Donna Donna Kubik Yes El Buen Café - D3 Fermilab
Lee, Min-Young Min-Young Lee Yes N7 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lonsdale, Carol Carol Lonsdale Yes Rosa del Mar - S3 NRAO
Lucero, Danielle Danielle Lucero Yes N7 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Max-Moerbeck, Walter Walter Max-Moerbeck Yes N4 California Institute of Technology
McCracken, Tyler Tyler McCracken Yes N6 New Mexico Tech
Mickaliger, Mitch Mitch Mickaliger Yes N6 West Virginia University
Miller, Joshua Joshua Miller Yes N6 West Virginia University
Nelson, Erica Erica Nelson Yes N7 Carnegie Observatories
Nyland, Kristina Kristina Nyland Yes N9 New Mexico Tech
Park, Geumsook Geumsook Park Yes N9 Seoul National University
Perera, Dan Dan Perera Yes Rosa del Mar - S4 NRAO
Povich, Matthew Matthew Povich Yes El Buen Café - S5 University of Wisconsin
Rabidoux, Katie Katie Rabidoux Yes N9 West Virginia University
Reiter, Megan Megan Reiter Yes El Buen Café - D1 University Of Arizona
Richards, Joseph Joey Richards Yes N8 Caltech
Riggs, Jamie Jamie Riggs Yes El Buen Café - D3 Deep Space Exploration Sociey
Roman-Lopes, Alexandre Alexandre Roman-Lopes Yes N8 Universidad de La Serena
Santiago, Nitza Nitza Santiago Yes El Buen Café - D2 Columbia University
Sato, Mayumi Mayumi Sato Yes N11 University of Tokyo/VERA, NAOJ/CfA
Saul, Destry Destry Saul Yes N8 Columbia University
Serylak, Maciej Maciej Serylak Yes N10 ASTRON
Sharon, Chelsea Chelsea Sharon Yes El Buen Café - D2 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Siemion, Andrew Andrew Siemion Yes N10 UC Berkeley
Stevenson, Matthew Matthew Stevenson Yes N10 Caltech
Trouille, Laura Laura Trouille Yes N11 University of Wisconsin - Madison
Ulloa, Ernesto Ernesto Ulloa Yes El Buen Café - S6 Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
Urquhart, James James Urquhart Yes N12 Australia Telescope National Facility
Weyant, Anja Anja Weyant Yes N11 University of Pittsburgh
Willett, Kyle Kyle Willett Yes N12 University of Colorado
Wolfe, Spencer Spencer Wolfe Yes N12 West Virginia University
Yan, Ting Ting Yan Yes El Buen Café - S7 University of Colorado at Boulder
Yu, Shenghua Shenghua Yu Yes El Buen Café - S8 Armagh Observatory, Queen's University Belfast
Zauderer, Bevin Ashley Zauderer Yes El Buen Café - D4 University of Maryland
McIntyre, Travis Travis McIntyre Yes El Buen Café - S9 The University of New Mexico
Harnett, Julienne Jules Harnett Yes Rosa del Mar - S2 NRAO

Visiting Lecturers/Mentors:

Name Badge Room Institution
Condon, Jim Jim Condon Rosa del Mar - S5 NRAO
Ghigo, Frank Frank Ghigo Rosa del Mar - S6 NRAO
Heiles, Carl Carl Heiles N1 University of California, Berkeley
Kothes, Roland Roland Korthes Rosa del Mar - S7
Liszt, Harvey Harvey Liszt Rosa del Mar - S8 NRAO
Lockman, Jay Jay Lockman Rosa del Mar - S9 NRAO
Lovell, Amy Amy Lovell Rosa del Mar - D1
Maddalena, Ron Ron Maddalena Rosa del Mar - S10 NRAO
Mason, Brian Brian Mason Rosa del Mar - S11 NRAO
Minter, Toney Toney Minter Rosa del Mar - S12 NRAO
Ransom, Scott Scott Ransom Rosa del Mar - S? NRAO
White, Steve Steve White Rosa del Mar - S? NRAO

Visiting (NRAO) REU Students:

Name Badge Room Institution
Cardoso, Fernando Fernando Cardoso Rosa del Mar - D3 REU, NRAO, Socorro
Kornacki, Evan Evan Kornacki Rosa del Mar - D3 REU, NRAO, Green Bank
Lam, Michael Michael Lam Rosa del Mar - D4 REU, NRAO, Charlotesville
McCauley, Patrick Patrick McCauley Rosa del Mar - D4 REU, NRAO, Charlotesville
Mennicke, Christine Christine Mennicke Rosa del Mar - D5 REU, NRAO, Green Bank
Roper, Brian Brian Roper Rosa del Mar - D6 REU, NRAO, Charlotesville
Samuel, Francillia Francillia Samuel Rosa del Mar - D5 REU, NRAO, Charlotesville
Shitanishi, Jennifer Jennifer Shitanishi Rosa del Mar - D7 REU, NRAO, Charlotesville
Woolard, Kyle Kyle Woodlard Rosa del Mar - D6 REU, NRAO, Green Bank
Wyman, Katherine Katherine Wyman Rosa del Mar - D7 REU, NRAO, Green Bank

NAIC REU Students:

Name Badge Room Institution
## Students   On site REU, Arecibo

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