Fifth NAIC/NRAO Single-Dish Summer School

Arecibo Observatory
July 12 – 18, 2009


Accommodation for school participants are either (a) in a three-person shared room on-site at Arecibo Observatory or (b) in local hotels. There are approximately 11 shared rooms available on-site at a cost of $25.00 (+7% tax) per person per night. In addition, twenty rooms are available in the Hotel Rosa del Mar at about $108 per room per night (including breakfast and tax), or $54 per person per night double occupanry. Fifteen rooms are available in El Buen Café at $96.30 per room per night (including tax) single occupancy, or around $53 per person per night double occupancy.

Unless you specifically requested otherwise, all participants have been assigned shared rooms by the organisers, either on-site or in a hotel. Any participants not willing to share rooms has been assigned a room in a hotel. Room assigment has now been completed. Please consult the participants' room allocation list. If you have been assigned to a room in a hotel, please call the hotel directly to make a reservation.

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