Searching the FCC Database for Harmonics

These instructions let you search a database for FCC liscenced installations harmonically related to you RFI. Note that you must be logged into an Arecibo computer in order to run this program.

To Run the Program:

On an xterm, type:
and answer the questions given you.

The result of this search program is written in 132 character-long lines. In usual lpr command, half of the answer get chopped off. To aviod that problem, if you are printing the output file, please use this command:

enscript -r -Phpr filename (you may replace "hpr" with your choice of printer).



To search for FCC licensed installations harmonically
related to your RFI - Francisco Acevedo, REU 1997

Enter RFI frequency in MHz:
Enter Bandwidth in MHz (type 0 for 1MHz default):
Enter how many harmonics you want to search for
(0 for all possible harmonics):
Any distance limits (in miles, 999=> no limits) ?
Do you want to create a file(y/n)?
Enter file name:

Callsign (Harm) Freq.(MHz) Lat. Long. Lat. from Long.
from Distance from Bearing
Observatory Observatory

** Dist. = 900 miles when no lat. long. avaiable, more info in FAR-CD **

WZNT ( 15) 93.7000 182242 0660704 0.0348
0.6353 41.73 miles 571153E
Another search (Enter 1/0 for y/n)?

Last updated: Thursday, 14-Oct-2004 19:37:23 AST
E. Momjian