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S-High Receiver
Basic Information

Calibration & Beam Parameters

RFI Situation

Recent Events

Receiver History

Technical Description

Contact Info





1. Basic Information:


Frequency Range (GHz): 3.0 - 4.0

Name and Number:

sbh, sbh1_2, and 8, 81 (*)
Measured Sensitivity (K/Jy): ~ 7 - 10 (**)
Measured System Temp (K): ~ 27 - 29 (**)
Native Polarization: Dual Linear(***)
Beam Size (at 3.3 GHz): ~ 85 arcsec (**)
Available Filters: No RF filters at present
Warnings and Important Notes: None

* The two different names and numbers are used for different IF/LO paths in IFSETUP * command
** See calibration info below for a more accurate description of the telescope parameters

*** Can be circularized by using the 10-GH upconversion IF/LO path and a hybrid (More Info)

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2. Calibration & Beam Parameters:

Gain and Tsys Cal Values Beam Maps Polarization Misc. Info

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3. RFI situation:

Yet to be fully characterized.

A few RFI-related useful links (on AO pages) are:

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4. Recent Events:

Recent events can be found in the electronics receiver log.

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5. Receiver History:

The Receiver was installed in 2001.

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6. Technical Info:

Resonance modes in this receiver are listed here

Technical details are only avaiable on our internal pages (click on the appropriate links on top of the RX table. If you arelooking for any specific information/diagram etc, please see below.

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7. Contact Info:

For further information on this receiver, please contact T. Ghosh at
tghosh (append

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