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  • Light Scattering

Luisa Fernanda Zambrano–Marin

Luisa Fernanda was born in Colombia, she moved to Puerto Rico in 1998. She did her undergraduate degree in applied Physics at Metropolitan University (UMET, Ana G. Mendez University System). As an undergraduate, she did research with the Vatican Observatory Group in Castel–Gandolfo for the Kepler Mission. She competed her Masters in Space Studies at the International Space University (ISU, Strasbourg, France) and has been an active member of the Space community ever since. Her Msc. Thesis was done at Goddard Space Flight Center under the mentorship Dr. Mario Acuna (1941–2009) relating to the Juno Mission and an analysis of the Voyager 1 and 2 Missions. From 2009–2012 she worked at the University of Texas at Brownsville, at the Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy. Where she managed and aided in the development of the only observatory in the Rio Grande Valley, the Nompuewenu Astronomical Observatory, then as assistant director of The Teacher Quality Grants Program focused in Astrobiology. After moving back to Puerto Rico, she lead the Arecibo Observatory Space Academy (2013 – 2017), a pre–college program that graduated over 300 local students from its challenging program.

She is currently a Ph.D candidate in Space Sciences at the University of Granada, working from arecibo on the study of asteroid near surfaces and their scattering properties under the mentorship of Dr Anne Virkki and Dr. Edgard Rivera–Valentin.

Zambrano–Marin studies relationships between polarization properties and near surface bulk density along with known relationships between polarization and spectral class of near–Earth Objects observed with radar. She processes recent data sets and extract measurements for scientific analysis and publication. In addition, Zambrano–Marin studies radar scattering effects on: circular polarization ratios, radar albedo, and dispersion of signal, refractive indices, electric permittivity and its geometry implications on body composition while also applying Earth analogs of radar measurements to refine our understanding of planetary surfaces and extract relationships on objects evolution and physical parameters.

Luisa Fernanda Zambrano–Marin updates and maintains observations and data processing records in the Arecibo. She also has continuous participation in Observations Planning and Execution.

This staff does not have a mentorship history


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