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Spaces are subject to availability.
A guide to Disability Rights Laws (ADA Law), Guía sobre las Leyes de Derechos de Discapacitados (Ley ADA)
Points to consider when making a reservation:
  • The visits are going to be exclusive by reservations until there is an executive order that indicates that we can operate without any restriction.
  • No more than 50 visitors are allowed per period of time.
  • All visitors must wear a face mask at all time. A visitor without a mask is not going to be allowed to enter the site.
  • No transportation service is going to be offered. The visitor that has a physical or health condition, will be allowed to park his/her car in the parking of the SVC staff as long as there is space available to park.
  • The guards will take the temperature of each visitor and any person with a temperature of 100.4 oF (38 oC) or higher, will not be allowed to enter the site. If that visitor came in a group, the entire group will not be allowed to enter to the site either.
  • If a group or visitors are at the gates before the hour of their reservation, they can enter to the SVC as long as there is less than 50 people in the Center. If the visitors come after the hour of their reservation, they can pass to the SVC but will have the remaining time of their reservation to do the tour.
  • Reservations are always subject to availability. After submitting your reservation request, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete your payment.
  • Your reservation will be completed and approved only after you complete the purchase of the tickets online.
  • All sales are final. We will not make refunds under any circumstance.
  • If a cancellation occurs, you must notify it with a minimum of 24 hours prior to your visit so it can be rescheduled.
  • Punctuality is required. It is important to arrive at least 10 minutes before your visit. The duration of the tours could be affected by the arrival time, the time with which Count the group and the number of people in it. Must have consideration with other groups that also have reservations on the day of your visit.
By checking this box I am responsible for the appropriate conduct of the group and their compliance with the COVID-19 protocol. Guidelines will be instructed by the museum tour guides. In the event of an incident or inappropriate conduct, the Museum and its staff are released from all responsibility and reserve the right of admission.
By checking this box, I authorize the Angel Ramos Foundation - Science & Visitor Center and its employees, to make use of photograph or video of my person or group during the course of the visit only for purposes promotional and educational institution.
By submitting this document, I certify that I have read and agree with all the information provided in it.
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