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What's happening at the AO?

The Green Bank Observatory (GBO) and Arecibo Observatory (AO) are jointly hosting a hybrid in-person/remote Single Dish Observing School and GBT Training Workshop from September 13-21 in Green Bank, West Virginia. Please feel free to pass this message on to any interested colleagues. In-person participants will have the opportunity to tour the 100m Green Bank Telescope and observatory grounds. Because the workshops contain hands-on tutorials and telescope access, we will have limited space available for both in-person and remote participants. + Read More


The Arecibo Observatory has been a beacon of science and ground breaking discoveries for more than 60 years, helping us better understand the universe around us, and serving as an inspiration to new generations of scientists and engineers across the world. It has also become a part of the culture of Puerto Rico, an iconic place serving as a clear favorite for school trips and family days. + Read More


El impacto del colapso del radiotelescopio William E. Gordon en el Observatorio de Arecibo se siente profundamente por el personal de la instalación, los científicos y la isla de Puerto Rico, pero las ondas de la pérdida también se han sentido en todo el mundo. Es por eso que los estudiantes de la Escuela Primaria Magnet Goldsboro en Florida decidieron que "animarían" al personal del Observatorio de Arecibo con cartas llenas de dibujos coloridos y palabras de simpatía y esperanza para el futuro del observatorio. + Read more