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What's happening at the AO?

First-of-its-Kind Study Finds Lightning Impacts Edge of Space in Ways not Previously Observed Solar flares jetting out from the sun and thunderstorms generated on Earth impact the planet’s ionosphere in different ways, which have implications for the ability to conduct long range communications.

A solar flare erupted on the far side of the sun on June 4, 2011. Credit: NASA/STEREO/Helioviewer

Planetary Radar  

Asteroids could offer untold riches in rare and precious metals if mined, but they could also be catastrophic if a large one was to hit Earth. Adozen University of Central Florida space researchers were honored recently when planetary bodies were named after them. This brings the total number of current UCF researchers whose names are attached to asteroids to 18, along with another 12 former researchers.

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The Arecibo Observatory continues with its mission to educate the next generation of scientists of Puerto Rico in space-related areas. With that in mind, we continue collaborating with the Centro Criollo de Ciencias y Tecnología del Caribe (C3Tec) and the EcoExploratorio: Museo de Ciencias. The exhibition Sun, Earth and Universe can be found in C3Tec every Saturday, along with the meteorite collection of the Sociedad de Astronomía del Caribe. + Read More