Arecibo Observatory Collaborations & Exhibitions (April - June, 2021)



The Arecibo Observatory continues with its mission to educate the next generation of scientists of Puerto Rico in space-related areas. With that in mind, we continue collaborating with the Centro Criollo de Ciencias y Tecnología del Caribe (C3Tec) and the EcoExploratorio: Museo de Ciencias. The exhibition Sun, Earth and Universe can be found in C3Tec every Saturday, along with the meteorite collection of the Sociedad de Astronomía del Caribe.

Also, as part of the collaborations, multiple outreach activities have been celebrated over the past three months. In April 2021, Dr. Abniel Machín, executive director of the Angel Ramos Foundation Science and Visitor Center (ARFSVC), gave two seminars about Renewable Energy in Puerto Rico and the Challenges of Climate Change in Puerto Rico. In May 2021, we commemorated the collaboration with the EcoExploratorio: Museo de Ciencias and participated in a series of seminars where our scientists talked about the importance of the Arecibo Observatory and the sciences that they study. On May 15, we celebrated with C3Tec the International Day of Astronomy where Dr. Abniel Machín and Ms. Yasmin Santiago, associate director of the ARFSVC, gave presentations about the importance, history and legacy of the Arecibo Observatory and presented a series of space-related kits to the general. The Sociedad de Astronomía del Caribe also gave a presentation about asteroids.

Additionally, several proposals have been submitted with C3Tec to different national and international agencies. So far, one proposal has been awarded and will start in October 2021. The project will train 30 teachers from all over the island in topics related to renewable energy.

Article written by Dr. Abniel Machín ( - Executive Director of AO's Science & Visitor Center

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