World Day at Arecibo - Examples and Highlights


Examples to improve the data quality


At Arecibo, we strive to provide the users with the highest quality of data. This figure illustrates the results using the linear regularization technique to obtain F-region vector velocities (Nestor Aponte).



The technique has been shown to be far superior than the traditional non-least square fitting. Click here for a more detailed explanation of the method.



This example shows the Interference removal for the Baker Electron Density data (Qihou Zhou). Note the difference before and after the interference removal around 100 km.


Examples for the D-region


The Arecibo ISR can measure velocities to an accuracy within 1 m/s for an integration time of 30 second in the D-region. This plot shows the measured vertical winds in the D-region (Qihou Zhou).  --- this image is lost ---


Examples for the E-region



The Arecibo ISR can measure the neutral winds and temperature in the E-region. This is an E-region neutral wind example (Qihou Zhou). We are working on to get the ion neutral collision frequency as well.


Examples for the F-region



This example shows F-region Electron Temperature (Mike Sulzer). The other parameters that we regularly measure include electron temperature, vector ion drift, light ion contents etc.



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