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Call for Observing Proposals Using the Carriage House

The Arecibo telescope upgrade is now nearing completion and we anticipate a resumption of tracking-mode observations for the carriage house, possibly as early as the second quarter of 1997. Therefore we are calling for the first round of observing proposals to use the 430- and 47-MHz carriage house instrumentation. For this we are implementing our new proposal submission scheme that is based on three deadlines per year (February 1, June 1, and October 1). Proposals for this first round can be submitted after January 1, 1997, with a deadline of February 1. Proposals received by this deadline will be considered for observations as soon as feasible. A full set of instructions on proposal preparation and handling, as well as technical information about the telescope, and updates on telescope commissioning and receiver availability are available in our WWW home page (http://www.naic.edu), which is currently being redesigned.

We expect to issue a request for proposals using the Gregorian systems in early 1997.

The new proposal submission procedure is as follows. 1) Obtain a cover sheet. This can be accomplished by either sending an empty e-mail to cover@naic.edu or by sending a request letter to the address given below. 2) Fill in the blanks on the cover sheet with the requested information. 3) Send the filled in cover sheet with any other required documents to the Observatory. If your e-mail program has an attachment capability, then insert the completed cover sheet text into the body of the message and include the other material in PostScript or plain text format as an attachment. The e-mail address is proposal@naic.edu. If your mail tool lacks an attachment capability, then you can still send the cover sheet via e-mail and send the rest of the material through traditional means to the address given below. If you do not have e-mail access, then send everything via traditional means. The postal destination is: Director, Arecibo Observatory, P.O. Box 995, Arecibo, Puerto Rico 00613.

Sometime in the future there will be an HTML fill-in cover sheet available from our Web home page. Even then, it will still be possible to submit proposals via your postal service.

NAIC/AO Newsletter No. 20 - 2 DEC 1996
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