Menina - Cat Lovers of Arecibo Welfare Society (CLAWS)


Placed in Oakland in July!

Menina is an exceptional cat: small, fluffy, intelligent, skilled. She can climb like nobody's business, and understands when humans don't want her to do something. She comes running when I return home, and wants nothing more than to be a housecat and cuddle all day. She's fixed and vaccinated. She's a black and white long-haired mask and mantle.

Menina isn't quite YouTube-hilarious-antics material, but she's good-natured, soft, small, inquisitive, intelligent, sweet, quiet. She wants nothing more than to be an indoor cat and cuddle extensively. She's fixed and has all of her vaccines. I don't think she's ever bit or scratched me, and only three times have I heard her meow. While she's not going to snuggle up to other cats, she tolerates them and sets boundaries without being aggressive. She also has the Sephora logo on her back, a serpentine white squiggle: brains and beauty.

More Menina photos.

She's even a YouTube cat!

Menina will be this happy if you give her a forever home.
Menina will be post-feminist in the post-patriarchy. While on an upright car trunk.