Cat Lovers of Arecibo Welfare Society (CLAWS)

Adopt a genuine Arecibo cat!

Total kittens placed into homes in the USA as of July 2, 2014: 5

We have a fundraiser to help the colony of feral cats at the observatory after Hurricane María.

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Menina found a great home in Oakland, CA and convinced her new humans to start doing some cat rescue. She climbs anything stationary and learned to talk from her adopted sister Priscilla.


Rocío is a confident little calico lady about two or three months old. With grey/black tabby and orange marmalade mask and mantle markings, and a white-tipped tail, she's an adorable big kitten. She loves to purr and snuggle. She found a purfect home in San Francisco with a bioinformatics professor!


A completely white, cornflower blue-eyed beauty, she scored bigtime moving in with a professor at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. She's a fluffy white ball of love and snuggling.

Copernicus and Herschel

This rother and sister pair, black and white and curious, and offspring of Menina, landed cush positions as the mascots of a physics professor at Agnes Scott College in Georgia. They'd join MENSA for cats if it existed.


Big, loving, and just ridiculous, Ramses is 12 pounds of tuxedo lovin' with a perpetually bewildered look on his face. He's now with the head of the radar group.


Discovered and named while almost taking the nose off the dog who found her, and her kittens, Jezebel rules the roost in Tucson with two planetary science faculty. She's a calico with eyes that pierce the soul.


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