OLD L Band Wide Gregorian Dome Receiver Log

as of Friday, 03-Dec-2021 06:34:28 AST

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ANS anolla@naic.edu 10/7/99 A line filter was added to the supply cryo line.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 9/28/2000 Receiver was not working , due that the AC power for the Lin/Pol box was disconected.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 10/4/2000 Again the Lin/Pol box was not working, this time was found that the control cable for the box was broken at the rfi filters on the cabinet.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 10/25/2000 System shut off for maint.Crosshead higly contaminated ,the crosshead ED 027 was replaced with ED 021 , but after installing these replacement crosshead it got bad for some reason ,so cleaning up ED 027 to installed it back.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 10/27/2000 Problems with crosshead ED027 , it was leaking thru the power conn. It was replaced with ED 021.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 11/25/2000 Cryo comp 011 blew up, so cryo system hooked to comp 007.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 12/27/2000 Cryo system hooked up to comp 012 , was using comp 007.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 12/29/2000 Cryo system hooked back to comp 007 , but using cryo lines 3 & 4. We suspect of leaky lines on 12 & 13.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 1/19/2001 The Vacion pump power supply turned off , it was causing RFI.It happened with both power supplies at the Dome.
ANS anolla@naic.edu ` 3/12/2001 The cryo comp failed on 3/10/2001 due to a power glitch.Jose Rosa & Bill Genter came to cooled it down on 3/11/2001.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 7/5/2001 The polarization sw was not working due to a bad 5 vdc supply (shorted out capacitor on the regulator)
ANS anolla@naic.edu 7/16/2001 The polarization sw box was taken down on 7/13/2001 in order to check its phase shift across it.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 7/18/2001 Polarization box installed back into system by EC/EG . It was taken down to measure its phase shift because it was not in schedule its use.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 8/13/2001 The cryo comp and cryo lines were hooked to their proper ones. Now comp ED 008 and lines 8/9 are the ones hooked to the system as they were.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 8/21/2001 Due to a power glitch the cryo comp tripped off. It was recovered after 15 minutes.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 10/2/2001 Cryo compressor failed ( ED 008) , sound like broken flappers inside of it . It was replaced with comp ED 011.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 10/9/2001 System off in order to replace crosshead, is overdue.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 10/10/2001 System was cooled down without replacing the crosshead due to running short of time, the 430 mhz dual-beam experiment was running and we were no able to stay upstairs. Have to be reschedule again, crosshead replacement soon overdue.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 10/17/2001 The system was shutted off on 10/15/2001 in order to replace the crosshead. The crosshead removed was ED 021 and the one installed ED 024.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 10/18/2001 The amps were turned on today . Cryo comp was 50/245 , charged it to 65/260.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 2/8/2002 Due that cryo temp was increasing Coco went upstairs and purged the system; it is on schedule to replace the cryopump next week.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 2/11/2002 Replacement RF filters for the filter bank pos # 6 arrived, the ones that were there had a high ripple on them. These was done on 11/15/2001 , there is no entry of such problem on this logbook. Fo is 1415 mhz B.W. 110 mhz. (1360/1470 mhz).
ANS anolla@naic.edu 2/14/2002 System shut off in order to replace the cryopump , it is contaminated . Also the polarization box and filter bank was taken down to check them.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 2/15/2002 Cryopump replaced was ED 024 , now is ED 027 (1020's). System been cooled down. The polarization box and filter bank were removed in order to check them down at the lab.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 2/18/2002 System back to normal , the pol box and filter bank were installed back.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 2/20/2002 JR found the cryopump loose (system shut off), it had the back holding screws broken . Were removed using an screw extractor , also treads of screws were cleaned.By mistake we left Dewar pumping and after 24 hours the Dewar was still cold , so when we took out the cryopump it's displacers got frozen ,beware next time,don't leave Dewar pumping.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 2/21/2002 System been cooled ,using new tunable cryopump driver. Still the squique noise can be heared on the cryopump.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 2/22/2002 The Dewar vacuum was found reading to high this morning ( 6 un's) , also VP was high ( 50 ) and its cryo temp were 26.7 k at 16 k stage and 165.7 k at 70 k stage , then we started pumping the Dewar and its cryo parameters went down ( vac 1.2 un's , VP 9 , 16 stage 18.9 k , 70 k stage 158.7 k ) . There is also a problem with the downstairs cryo reading , it is not accurate have to find out what's wrong with it. Went up again in the afternoon to double check the Dewar status . Its cryo temps were 18.1 at 16 stage and 140.1 at the 70 stage , VP was 7 and vacuum 1.8 un's .
ANS anolla@naic.edu 2/25/2002 Found this morning that cryo temp , vp & vac were high , so we start pumping it . The vac valve at the Dewar left open with the pump running.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 2/26/2002 The Dewar vac was 1 un and its VP 2, also its cryo temps were 15.7 & 104.9 after been pumping it for 24 hours. So we are monitoring it for a while. Valve was closed.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 2/28/2002 JR brought down the rem / local cryo reading chassis to check it due that the remote reading was giving wrong readings. IC found a loose connection on the relay board and replace the relay. Now the readings are ok.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 3/7/2002 JR found Dewar was losing vacuum , was 2.5 un's.VP was 9 . Cryo temps were 18.9 k and 114.7 k . So he started pumping the Dewar we suspect of a small leak or He contamination .
ANS anolla@naic.edu 3/8/2002 Valve closed , VP 1 , vac 1.4 un's . Cryo temps are 14.7 k and 89.9 k.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 4/2/2002 System turned off in order to replace cryopump, cryo temp has been cycling since last cool down.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 4/3/2002 Replace the cryopump , it was 027 , now is 024.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 4/15/2002 The recvr Dewar has a leak since ??????? , so the vacpump was left pumping the Dewar. It has a better cryo temps .WG & JR were triying to locate it with the Varian leak detector.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 4/17/2002 System still with a leak. Vacpump attached to Dewar again.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 6/5/2002 Vacpump attached to Dewar , vpg & cryotemps up again.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 6/7/2002 Dewar valve closed.Vac pump off.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 6/13/2002 Vacpump attached to Dewar, VPG was 8.Its vacion current is typically 80 ua.
ANS anolla@naic.edu 8/1/2002 WG swap the bias card in order to pinpoint an oscillation in channel A.Biases were adjusted, Tsys normal in both channels after the swap. Biases settings were:Stage 1: 1.538V/7.52 mA Stage 2: 2.518V/7.04 mA Stage 3: 3.903/8.04 mA Chann B
ANSanolla@naic.eduWednesday, September 25, 2002 11:51:28Dewar warmed up due to power dip , been cooled.
ansanolla@naic.eduThursday, September 26, 2002 14:13:10Dewar cooled. Dewar valve closed . Vacion on ( 70 ua )
ansanolla@naic.eduWednesday, October 9, 2002 12:51:27The cryo comp was relpaced with one with remote sw (ED 010)it was cryocomp ED 013.
ansanolla@naic.eduMonday, October 28, 2002 09:51:52Cryocomp replaced due to fan failure.
ansanolla@naic.eduThursday, November 21, 2002 11:23:07The receiver focal point was readjusted . It was lowered by 4".Have to observe with it to know if there is any improment.
LSWlwray@naic.eduFriday, November 22, 2002 17:41:23improvement due to receiver re-focussing: 10% increase in K/Jy of the telescope.
ansanolla@naic.eduWednesday, November 13, 2002 13:57:42Amp sn L126 is on channel A , sn L128 is on B. Also the power barrier strips were isolated with insulators.
ans anolla@naic edu.Tuesday, January 28, 2003 11:28:09Control boxes were removed from system , going to be tested with the new NRAO recvr.
ansanolla@naic.eduMonday, February 3, 2003 13:30:40System was shut off in order to remove the Dewar to replce it with the NRAO one.
ansanolla@naic edu.Tuesday, February 18, 2003 14:32:01Dewar removed & taken down.

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