2. New/Future Spectrum Users

Protecting Radio Astronomy Services (RAS) bands

At the National and International level, NAIC's interest is well represented by Dr. Thomas Gergeley (Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager, NSF ), Dr. Donald Backer (Chairman of CORF ), Dr. Darrel T. Emerson (Chairman of IUCAF ). All of them are working very actively in several committees which influence regulatory actions on general Global and US spectrum usages. NAIC also takes active part through filling comments in all relevant public proceedings of the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ). A recent example where such a filling has been successful in achieving its goal is:

Puerto Rican Coordination Zone (PRCZ)

The Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) has just issued an order for establishing the Puerto Rico Coordination Zone, whereby a new license seeker intending to operate below 15 GHz is required to present a copy of the technical details of their application to the Observatory. NAIC then has 20 days to consider the potential of such a system for interfering with its operations and to work out a mutually acceptable solution. In cases of disputes, FCC reserves the right to either withhold or grant the necessary licenses despite the Observatory's reservations. This is indeed a major achievement and will certainly benefit the Observatory in its continued persuit of getting cleanest possible data with this unique telescope.

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Reinaldo Velez (03/22/2002)