Coordination with the L-band Frequency-Hopping RADAR (AN/FPS-117) at Punta Salinas

At Punta Salinas (North-coast, close to EL-Morro (6.2 km West) in Old San Juan), the Puerto Rico Air National Guard (140th Air Defense Squadron) have a frequency hopping radar with 18 channels spread over the frequency range of 1220 - 1400 MHz. Presently, they are authorized to use 11 of these 18 channels. The Observatory have been in constant touch with the authorities at Punta Salinas, and have worked out the details of a permanent mode of co-existing. For the most part, this scheduling has provided minimal interference to observations that could be hampered by this radar. When coordinated with Punta Salinas observations given adequate protection. 

AN/FPS-117 RADAR used at Punta Salinas PRANG.

Please direct question and coordination requests to Spectrum Manager


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