Spectrum Management and RFI protection activities at AO

1. General Objectives:

2. Radio Astronomy bands and our rights (Bill Brundage's page from NRAO)

3. AO Users' RFI/Spectrum Management related resources:

While writing a proposal :

Should you need to know the radio environment in/around your observing band, you can remotely access yesterday's Hill-top monitoring plots and average spectra taken from the Gregorian Dome during the commissioning phase (Present Environment). If you are on-site, you may use various users' facilities available from ARTS-RFI to go through the accumulated hill-top database since mid-1995.

While observing :

If your observation is interupted by RFI (we hope not), you might like to help us identifying the source. Here are some suggestions . Click here to file a complaint / report .

The group can be reached at "rfi-grp@naic.edu"
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