RFI Report/Complaint form

* Date when RFI was seen(dd/mmm/yyyy):
Time in Ast when RFI was seen:
Observer's Name:
Observer's Email_Id:
* Observing Project_Id:
Receiver Name:
RFI characteristics(if you need help go to http://www.naic.edu/~rfiuser)
Center Frequency:
If Radar then
Pulse width:
Rotation Rate:

Do you
See it on the monitoring plots?
Hear it on the radio?
Suspect it is internal?
Have you made any contacts?
If Yes
Name of the person contacted:
Organization of contact :
Telephone No. Called :
You may enter additional handwritten notes below. If you have any paper
copy of a plot etc. to pass it over to SMARG, please hand it to the
telescope operator, and make a note in the space below:

* Date should match with the scheduled dates for the Observing Project_Id (filled in the form).
*The Observing Project_Id should be one of the scheduled projects at Arecibo Observatory.

If you have any suggestions, please contact Gomathi Thai (gomathi@naic.edu)