Satellite arcing experiment

29,30 sep16


   s3099 was looking for arcing signals from gps satellites solar panels. This is a continuation of s3043 (oct15).
Gps satellite prn 18 was tracked both days..

Data was taken on:

Acquiring the data:

    Two sets of simultaneous data were taken:

A 10 minute on, off cycle was used:

29sep16 (AST): 327 receiver

yymmdd  (AST = UTC - 4)

        Tropical storm matthew (later cat 5 hurricane matthew) was passing south of PR during this observation. No local wind or rain, but there may have been lightning far off in the distance (> 100 miles).

Observation sequence.

30sep16 (AST): 430 receiver

Processing the data:

    From the radiometer equation we have that:

Satellite beam:


Decide which broad band spikes to keep.

Exporting files:

    Each days data are stored under a separate subdirectory (the directory names are the AST dates when data was taken):

processing:usr/s3099/*.pro   (lots of programs)
rawdata: sitting on:gpuser0: /media/DATA0/phildat/s3099
exportable data on:

link to sep16 data directories