S3039 meteors on the moon with alfa


observing notes
telescope position
pointing error

see x101/160214,160215, and x101/proj/s3039

Experiment setup

  Veena and john mathews looked for meteor flashes on the moon using alfa (also see t2874 meteors on moon at 430). The experiment used the alfa receiver (lband) at  arecibo tracking the moon.

The AO  setup was:

Observing  notes



Quick look at the spectra: 

Note:the below is just some notes from the 430 exp (t2874). i never go around to do the alfa processing
since i had stuck my copy of the data on gpuserv0 disc.. and it then failed.. never got another copy
off of disc....

  The first 50 files of  run (300-349 05may14, 100-149 06may14)  were used to examine the spectral density.

The processing:
The plots below  show the 1.6 second average spectra from  the start of the first 50 files:

433 MHz band
438 MHz band

05may14 (.pdf) (.pdf)
06may14 (.pdf) (.pdf)

Notes on the spectra:
processing: x101/14050[5,6]/moonjm.pro

Telescope position.

this is from the t2874 run..
    The telescope position for the two runs was taken from the telescope logfiles. These files have the encoder position information dumped once a second.


The plots show the telescope and moon ephemeris position for the 2 days (.ps) (.pdf):
processing: x101/140506/moonpos.pro

Pointing error.

What happened:     

  For the 14,15feb16 run there was an operator (me) generated pointing error. Here is what happened.

Computing the pointing error:

    To compute the pointing error:

The plots show the pointing error (.ps) (.pdf):

processing: x101/170301/veena_moon.pro