MIT lincoln lab kildall  wideband feed



13may14: one pol 1/2 the strength of the other (az strips at different turret positions)
14may14: x102 calibration runs
16may14: rfi measurements with spectrum analyzer

Intro  (top)

  lincoln lab returned with a wideband (400 to 3ghz) feed built by per simon kildall.
It was installed 13may14. testing occurred 13may14 -> 16may14.

Timeline: (top)

13may14 One pol is 1/2 the strength of the other. (top)

     Azimuth strips were done through a source at different turret position (to see what the sidelobes looked like)

The plots show the total power vs time for each strip (at different turret positions) (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/140513/

14may14 x102 calibration run  (top)

    An x102 calibration run was done 13may14 in the afternoon and then again 14may14 in the early morning.
There is no cal for the linclab feed so the Tsys,gain measurements are not valid.  Polarization B was misbehaving so only polA was used in the reduction.
The feed was worked on after the 13may14 run, so only the 14may14 early morning data  is shown.

The plots show the calibration results on the 3 sources (.pdf) (.pdf)

processing: x101/140513/

16may14 rfi measurements (top)

    The anritsu spectrum analyzer was connected to polB of the lincolnLab feed. It was used to monitor the rfi from 300 to 3000 Mhz.
The setup for the spectrum analyzer was:

    The data format:
processing: x101/140516/