A2843: yale student project


    A2843 is a group of yale students doing on,off position switching on galaxies using the wapps.
The idl script /share/megs/phil/usr/a2843/a2843.pro will search all the data files they took and then do the
on/off processing for each set of on,offs. The data is scaled to Jy using the cals and the receiver gain curve.

     Each on,off is stored in an idl save file: yyyymmdd.a2843.nnnnn.sav 
where yyyymmdd and nnnnn come from each fits file name.

    The routine then inputs all of the on/offs and then:
On/off-1 in Jy for individual on,off measurements (.ps) (.pdf)
On/off-1 in Jy after averaging any on/off pairs that were done more than once on a source (.ps) (.pdf)

processing: usr/a2843/a2843.pro