A2713/A2765: dps with high freq receivers


21apr13: jumps in adjacent bands after processing:
04nov12: 1 mock  box with glitches. ripple in polB 1 box for 1 pattern


    A2713 is doing double position switching on sources using the high freq receivers (lband to xband). The mock spectrometer is used to record the data. A2765 is an extension of a2713:The setup is:

21apr13: jumps i adjacent bands after processing

    A2765 was doing double position switching on arp220 using 8-9 Ghz of the xband receiver. Both groups of the mock spectrometer were used to cover the 1 Ghz (with 82/8192 or 10Khz resolution). The data was processed with  masdpsp procedure and then plotted.
There were 3 dps patterns taken.

    Chris mentioned that the different bands of given pattern did not have close to the same values.

the plots show the dps results for the 3 patterns (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: usr/a2765/procall.pro, plotall.pro

04nov12:1 mock with glitches. 1 with ripple in polB for 1 pattern

    04nov12 was the first day. The cband receiver was used. Some problems seen were:

Summary 04nov12:

processing: usrproj/a2712/doall.pro, dbg_121104.pro