A2599: dps with 327,430 MHz rcvr



    A2599 is using double position switching on sources using the 327 and 430 MHz dome rcvr. The wapp spectrometer is used to record the data. The setup is:
The full dps processing was done to each dataset:
Data taken at the end of july showed that the polA baselines were not as stable as the polB baselines. This has been seen in earlier datasets (more). The problem was thought to be the radar/radio astronomy switch for the dome.
(Note: data taken on 11aug11 shows that the problem is not the radar,radioastronomy switch.)
The plots show:
processing: usr/a2599/a2599_110727.pro, a2599_110729.pro, a2599_110729_posoff.pro, a2599_110730.pro, a2599_110801.pro