A2327: looking at bursts from brown dwarfs




    A2327 used the 800 MHz  mode of the wapps to monitor bursts from a brown dwarf. The emission should be 100 % circularly polarized. The datataking setup was:
    The data processing was:
     Plotting the data:
For each day 2 sets of plots were made:
I'm using positive and negative burst rather the left and rigtht circular. We need to use the heliax in the bowl  to see which one comes out where in the data processing.

A2327: may08 data  (top)


Summary may08

processing: usr/a2327/doit.pro, plttp.pro plttp18,plttp17

A2414 - jun09  (top)

    Looked at tvlm513 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 using the wapps. See setup for a2327 above.

The type of plots were similar to those of a2327. Some newer plots were:

processing: usr/a2327/jun09/

a2430 - dec09  (top)

   a2430 continued a2327 measurements. The mock setup was:

The sources looked at were:

Plotting the data by day:

processing: usr/a2327/dec09/doall.pro