A2127/A2228: xband Oxygen (O2) from quasar at z=6.3


14feb06 data
08mar06 data
03apr06 data
may08 data
checking the data quality

    Project a2127 and a2228 are doing 5 minute on/off position switching on a single position at xband. It is looking for red shifted O2 in emission from a quasar  with a z of about 6.5. The gas containing the oxygen will be at a Z less than the quasar.
 The processing is:
  1. do on, off processing for each 5 minute on, off scaling the kelvins using the cals. The input data has been hanning smoothed.
  2. Remove a baseline using a 1st order polynomial and a 5th order harmonic.
  3. Smooth each on,off pair to 20 channels (18 km/sec).
  4. When averaging spectra weight them by 1./Tsys^2.

Data was taken on:

date # pairs bandCenters Expected line ferq
14feb06 10 8010,8100,8190,8280  7995,8012,8169,8267, 8285
08mar06 10 8082,8395,8662,8975 8082,8395,8662,8975
03apr06 8 8082,8395,8662,8975 8082,8395,8662,8975

14feb06  (top)

    The plots show the individual and averaged spectra (.ps) (.pdf):

08mar06  (top)

      There were light showers at the start of the run. Toward the end we had some solid rain. The pointing should probably be suspect since we lost the distomats for awhile. 10 on/off pairs were taken. The 6th on/off had lots of ripples so it wasn't included in the averages.

The plots show the individual and averaged spectra (.ps) (.pdf):


03apr06  (top)

    The weather was light clouds. You could see some stars. 8 on/off pairs were done:
The plots show the individual and averaged spectra (.ps) (.pdf):

may08 (data thru 16may08)  (top)

The  first set of plots  shows the average of on/off -1 in Kelvins. Each page has 3 plots containing:
    The second set of plots shows  Tsys vs za and rms vs integration time (.ps) (.pdf):
    The 3 and 4th  set of plots shows the 1 second total power vs za for each days data.
    1 second 100Mhz total power on source and off source overplotted vs za (.ps) (.pdf):
    1 second 100 Mhz total power on/off -1 vs za. (.ps) (.pdf):


processing: x101/080510/dofiles.pro , cmbfiles.pro

Misc.   (top)

The table below lists the Rest frequencies of the transitions used as well as the topocentric frequencies assuming at Z=6.295. <- page up