turret weight distribution


     The weight and positions for the objects on the rotary floor were obtained from ecastro on nov03 and used to plot the weight distribution on the rotary floor. The distribution was updated to the configuration when alfa is installed. The radii used for the position of the objects was eyeballed from the drawing. Some  of the weights provided were approximate values (noted in the table). These weights do not include the weight of the floor structure or any temporary things placed on the floor (pumps, people, etc.).
    The figure shows the weight distribution by turret position. Each object is identified by a symbol and color. A table with the weight distribution is given below. The name column is the label used on the plots above. The turret position is that of the receiver or read off of the drawing. For the radii i took the focal circle for the receivers. For other objects i read an approximate value off of the drawing.
ifloR 461 5 30 right iflo rack. This is 1/2 the sum of the 2 racks. I don't know if the 2 weights are equal
ifloRBox 50 5 40 box attached to ifloRight Rack
alphaMot 50 0. 85 alpha motor
alpha 1500 20 71 alpha receiver. This is the value quoted by csiro. It may balloon up another 400 lb. after the mounting and snake is included.
sbtx 150 62 71 sband tx
sbtxwvgd 50 62 71 sband tx wave guide (this is a guess). It should also include the weight of the water for cooling.
sbtxMfld 50 62 90 sband tx manifold
sbnRcvr 337 76 71 sband narrow receiver.
sbwRcvr 244 104 71 sband wide receiver
sbhRcvr 150 126 71 sband high receiver
updated 20jun13 from denis meaurement in lab. was 103lbs.
6to8Rcvr 250 160 71 6 to 8 ghz receiver. 
ifloL 461 175 30 left iflo rack. This is 1/2 the sum of the 2 racks. I don't know if the 2 weights are equal
ifloLBox 50 175  40 box attached to ifloLeft Rack
610Rcvr 85 180 71 610 Mhz receiver
cbmodules 50 180 71 cband,610, 6to8Ghz modules are in this rack.
cbRcvr 254 207 71 cband receiver.
430Rcvr 221 252 71 430 Mhz receiver
lbwRcvr 500 287 71 lband wide receiver. There was a ? by this weight on the drawing so i don't know how accurate it is.
xbRcvr 221 310 71 xband receiver. This is the new position for the xband receiver. The move should occur in jan04.
327rcv 83 340 71 327 Mhz receiver.
processeing: x101/tur/turretwght.pro