turret (rotary floor in dome)

nov 03

29may18:zeroVelOffset jumps are caused by dac or signal conditioning board.
11feb18: turret brake fail.
19feb17: turret does not arrive at position. dac zero velocity error.
12jan16: turret does not arrive at position. This is a dac zero velocity offset error.
15aug14: Turret does not arrive at position. adjusting the backlash board, see oscillation in spd,torque
27jul12: amman- & whitney report on feed platform rotating floor (.pdf)
03may11: small jerks in turret while rotating
12sep05: replacing 1 section of rolling surface. Tilt sensor measurement.
08may04: turret encoder
11feb04 : turret aToD and signal conditioning.
14jan04: Weigh rotary floor with hydraulic jacks (.pdf)
12nov03: weight distribution on the turret.

history/modification log:
turret schematics (r elias oct96) (.pdf)
Communications protocol (for td but includes master) (.pdf)
Turret brakes
drive system
    kollmorgen amp,motors

Drive system:

    The turret drive system consists of:

Notes, gotchas:

15aug14: If the turret does not arrive at the requested position..zero velocity offset adjustment:

    the dac probably has a dc offset (see 15aug14)
    To fix:

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