Changing the turret rolling surface


        The turret floor sits on a set of rollers bolted to the feed tower. The rolling surface sits between the bottom of the floor and the rollers. It is made up of 6 (??) sections. The rolling surface has been wearing with time (1/64 of an inch??). On 06sep05 one of these sections was replaced (the section opposite to alfa). On 12sep05 the tilt sensor mounted on the turret floor were used to check for any bumps in the floor caused by the height difference between the new and old sections. The plot shows the  roll of the turret floor during a turret spin (.ps) (.pdf) from 26 to 340 degrees and back (roll is in the direction of rotation). The dome was at az=270, za=10 when the spin was done.
processing: x101/050912/