Temperature at AO by year

Last updated 28feb05

     The temperature on the platform  is measured every two minutes by the laser ranging system. The platform sensor was located beneath the laser shack (T4 corner of the platform) and was then moved to the NE corner by the faa radar antenna. The processing for the temp data is:     The plots show the temperature by year.
  • Fig 1 Top. Green: max daily value, red median daily value, black min daily value. The jumps are missing data. The dashed blue lines are the start of each year.
  • Fig 1 Middle: The daily median value vs day of year. Color separates the different years
  • Fig 1 Bottom: The daily min, max (after smoothing) vs day of year. Color distinguishes the different years. The top traces are the max value while the bottom traces are the min values.
  • Fig 2 Top: Histogram or hours spent at each temp for the year. Different colors are different years. The histogram data was not smoothed before computing the histograms.
  • Fig 2 Bottom: Histogram of fraction of time spent at each temp by year.

  •     The histogram of hours for each year has been scaled to a full year with of data (some of the years did not have as much data as some others.

    processing: x101/temp/tempproc.pro, doit.pro