Motor test after adjusting td12 curLim,cmdScale


    In dec07 one of the azimuth amplifiers was installed on td12 for testing. This caused problems with td12 stopping.  It turns out that the current limit pot on the amplifier was set too low for the tiedowns. On 28jan08 the current limit and command scale pots were  adjusted. The amplifier pot settings before and after were:

    After the adjustments we exercised the tiedowns to check that things were working. The starting setup was:

telescope pos:
Puts max tension on td12
(az=182.87 is max but we couldn't block the cable car)
tiedown avg kips

max velocity

.08 Inch/sec= (4900 rpm)/60 / (90*10.66) .. 90*10.66 is gear ratio

 The motion sequence was:
slew 15" to 20" (;pulls down)

stop motors then slew to 21"
Check static friction
slew 21->19, wait,19->21
Goes at max allowed velocity
track 21->19->21

.033 inches/sec < maxVel of .08
track 21->19->21->19->21
.066 inch/sec < maxVel of .08
Motor/amp specifications:

Sequence notes:
    The plots show the tiedown response to the requested motions (.ps) (.pdf):
    Once we have calibrated the velocity feedback, we can use it to verify that things are working correctly.
processing: x101/080128/

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