load cell calibration 15Nov19


Problem fixes

    The load cells were re calibrated by luis,willie, and osvaldo around 13:00 on 15Nov19. Prior to the calibration:

td tensions 11-17Nov19

The first plots show the td tensions for 191111 thru 191117 (.pdf)

Calibration results table

The  table shows the results of the calibration (.pdf)

Load cell differences before,after calibration

Td tensions and load cell differences for 15Nov19 (.pdf)

Gain, offset difference moving td's 3 -> 22 inches

    On 19Nov19 (after the load cell calibration) the tiedowns were driven 3 to 22 inches and back at constant velocities
The plots shows the tension change as the td's moved 3->22inches (.ps) (.pdf)


processing: x101/191115/tdcalib.pro, 191118/tdramp.pro

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